Water Treatment For Your Home

Provizio Supply is a water treatment supplier providing some of the most advanced equipment options for your next water-treatment related project! Whether you order on our website or over the phone, we are dedicated to helping you find what you need to properly treat your water!

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Ultraviolet Water Treatment

With the uncertain conditions of our city water, having a UV water disinfection system can provide peace of mind. Offering whole systems and parts from both Viqua and Luminor Environmental, your options are endless!

Viqua UV Water Treatment

We are proud to offer products from one of the most popular UV water purification companies around! From systems to lamps, we have what you need to start or to continue disinfecting your home’s water!

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Luminor Environmental UV

Luminor Environmental has designed some very effective and efficient UV systems. Provizio Supply offers a portion of their popular Blackcomb series! From 5.8 to a whopping 40 GPMs, you will be able to find the right system for your home! Don’t forget to check out our replacement lamps and quartz sleeves!

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