Monthly Archives: March 2021

Causes of Same-Level Slips, Trips, and Falls in the Workplace

Tens of thousands of workers are injured every year due to the common causes of same-level slips, trips, and falls in the workplace. These incidents can be avoided with the right knowledge of slipping hazards and by utilizing the ideal tools to prevent or mitigate the damage done. Take the necessary steps to avoid potentially […]

Signs Your Customer Needs a Water Purification System

While working inside a customer’s home—even if it’s for an unrelated job—you should still be watching the signs that your customer needs a water purification system. Water that doesn’t go through that purification process, or water that goes through a faulty system, poses a great health risk to anyone using that water inside the house. […]

Supplies Every Plumber Should Have in Their Work Vehicle

Your vehicle is your mobile office, and you need to maintain it properly—both in terms of vehicle maintenance as well as organizing what’s inside. For the sake of business efficiency, client satisfaction, and professionalism, you must have the supplies every plumber should have in their work vehicle. Additionally, you should organize your truck’s interior in […]

How Shoe Covers Reduce Contamination Within Your Workplace

Sometimes you’re going to find yourself in a situation that requires you to keep your workspace sterilized from cross-contamination. In these cases, one of the most common routes for contaminants to invade is through workers’ shoes. For this reason, it’s necessary to have elastic shoe covers on hand at all times because shoe covers reduce contamination within […]