Supplies Every Plumber Should Have in Their Work Vehicle

Your vehicle is your mobile office, and you need to maintain it properly—both in terms of vehicle maintenance as well as organizing what’s inside. For the sake of business efficiency, client satisfaction, and professionalism, you must have the supplies every plumber should have in their work vehicle. Additionally, you should organize your truck’s interior in a logical way so you can find what you need easily and quickly.

What You Should Look for in a Work Vehicle

Not every motor vehicle is suitable to facilitate business in the plumbing industry. There are certain characteristics a vehicle needs in order to properly store your equipment, keep you safe on the road, and keep your equipment secure. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a vehicle that excels in every aspect, so you’ll need to compromise and find the perfect balance of characteristics.

Fuel Economy

As a mobile service, naturally, you’re going to be on the road constantly. And with that, you’re going to need a vehicle that will give you the most mileage for your money. A work truck with a bad fuel economy will only hurt your bottom line at the end of the day, and your profits will suffer. Ensure that whatever you decide to go with will be able to get you to where you need to go in a cost-efficient manner.

Ability To Customize

Whatever you decide to buy, you’ll inevitably need to alter the inside to accommodate the tools you need to put in there. Check to see that you can easily change the inner layout to fit your needs. If you can’t, it won’t be the best choice for your business, and you should keep searching.

Storage Capacity

The vehicle is useless if it does not have the space required to carry all your essential tools. Check to see if there is adequate enough space to store the necessary tools for everyday work. Equipment load can quickly become overwhelming without an adequate amount of storage space.


Your vehicle is going to be hauling around large amounts of expensive equipment wherever it goes. The threat of theft is always a reality in those circumstances, so you must take precautions before you lose your company property. Make sure the vehicle you purchase has the security measures necessary to keep your equipment safe.

Supplies That You Will Need

Once you have your ideal vehicle selected, then it’s time for you to fill it with your industry tools. Due to the nature of the work, you will need a wide variety of equipment for many different job scenarios. There are a few different categories and a number of specific tools you’ll need to get started, such as:


  • Pipe wrench set
  • Telescoping basin wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Faucet key

For Clearing Clogs

  • Snake machine
  • Hand auger
  • Plungers
  • Double-ended tube drain wrench

For Working With Pipes

  • Hack saw
  • Tube and plastic pipe cutter
  • Plumber’s torch
  • Copper pipe tube expander
  • Pliers

Safety Items

For your safety while on the job, take special precautions so you don’t sustain an injury. You need goggles to protect your eyes, durable and water-resistant gloves, heat shields, and a supply of disposable waterproof shoe covers. Whatever hazardous materials you may be exposed to during your working hours, these items can make sure you don’t contract any infections.

The Question of Vehicle Organization

Letting your company vehicle become messy and not having a dedicated storing system will only result in equipment getting misplaced or lost. It will also give off an unprofessional atmosphere to clients, which will reflect poorly on the work and the company at large. The organization of your work truck is key to maintaining productivity and promoting an efficient work ethic.

Bins and Drawers

Have individual storage spaces for the different tools and attachments. Keep everything labeled, especially the small pieces of equipment that are easier to lose. If you don’t adhere to the organization system and neglect to put equipment back in its designated area, you’ll get frustrated since you won’t be able to find the tool you need.

Pipe Racks

Racks the run the length of your vehicle to store necessary pipes. Suspending them above the vehicle will ensure easy access as well as prevent the pipes from sustaining damage.


Hooks are useful when you need to hang up the coiled tubing and extension cords. Placing them on a hook will prevent them from becoming a messy tangle. You’ll have easy access to grab them and go whenever you need to extend the reach of your electric tools.


You may need to add extra lights to the inside of your vehicle. Whether there’s low light outside or if your work truck is dimly lit, installing more lights will give you the opportunity to find your tools easily.


The easier it is for you to be able to stack your equipment, the more room will be available to you. Ensure that what is being stacked is stable and does not run the risk of toppling over. There is only so much floor space in your vehicle, so you need to devise ways to use the vertical space—whether that be the stacking of toolboxes, or the aforementioned hooks and pipe racks. Do not let any inch go unused, but make sure that there is still a rhyme and a reason for your vertical setup.

Stay Organized, Be Prepared

It is important that you come prepared to every job site. However, that preparedness can easily result in having an overwhelming number of supplies. A project can be brought to a halt if you show up with equipment that’s the wrong type for the demands of a particular job.

The supplies mentioned here are just the basic tools that every plumber should have in their arsenal. It’s the job of your company to provide a foundation to organize your vehicle, and it is your responsibility to adhere to the method of organization properly.