How To Keep Your Home Clean for Showings

A home showing is only one stressful aspect of selling your home. With so many things to consider, maintaining cleanliness throughout the ordeal can be a challenge. By knowing easy ways on how to keep your home clean for showings, you can mitigate the stress and decrease the potential damage done to your home while the showings are happening.

Begin With a Thorough Clean of Your Home

A lot of buildup can accumulate over the course of living in your home, whether from dust gathering on shelves or from grime in the shower. The number one task before even beginning a home showing is to go through your entire home and give it an incredibly thorough once over.

Spaces Long Neglected

Certain parts of the basement and spare bedrooms or bathrooms are typically where the most neglect occurs. Don’t forget these areas that haven’t seen much use over the years.

Sort Through the Clutter

These can be rooms that haven’t seen much use, or they can be spots that you use every day where clutter has become the norm. Master bedrooms, recreational rooms, garages—all these places can have a messy accumulation of possessions. Sorting through them and discarding what you don’t need will make your home cleaner, orderly, and more appealing for the showing.

Follow Up With a Daily Cleaning Routine

Once all the clutter is sorted away, and the grime and mess is cleaned up, formulate a daily cleaning routine. This can be a more relaxed version of the deep clean. Simply make sure that everything is clean at the beginning and end of each day. Cleaning continually will ensure your house will be ready for a showing 24/7.

Don’t Fall Behind in the Routine

You can’t be sure how long your home will be on the market, so keep up with the cleaning every day. Ensure cleanliness is maintained and that no clutter will accumulate. Failing to sustain the cleanliness will mean you’ll have to go through another deep clean.

Ask Guests To Use Shoe Covers

One of the most important aspects to keep your home clean for showings is asking your guests to use shoe covers inside. If not, they can track dirt, mud, snow, or water into your home and all over your carpet. This will ruin the carpet and can harm the flooring underneath, leaving stains that can only be fixed by replacing the carpet.

Protect Your Flooring

By having a box of protective shoe covers available, you can eliminate the potential damage that could be done to your flooring. Prevent any last-minute damages that would require expensive renovating by taking the necessary steps.