How To Protect Your Shoes From Water

Your footwear can be exposed to many hazards that can cause them to deteriorate rapidly—including water damage, which is one of the most common hazards your shoes may be exposed to. Knowing how to protect your shoes from water damage will keep them in one piece longer and protect your feet from making contact with potentially contaminated liquids.

Keep Shoes Hydrated

This method is typically applied only with leather work boots or shoes, as leather tends to dry out and crack over time. In relation to protecting your footwear from water damage, applying moisturizing cream to your boots will hydrate the leather and make it more durable against external damage, especially water.

How Best To Apply

Dab a small cloth with your moisturizer of choice. Gently apply it along the surface of your leather boots in small circular motions to ensure the cream enters the leather. Allow it to dry for about ten minutes before brushing off the excess moisturizer.

Cover Them Up

If you don’t feel comfortable applying creams to your shoes or if your particular footwear cannot have moisturizer used on it, your best option is to invest in disposable waterproof shoe covers. Shoe covers can be easily slipped over your shoe to keep out unwanted liquids. They keep your feet sanitary and, with proper use and disposal, prevent cross-contamination of surfaces.

Have the Right Material

Shoe covers come in multiple different sizes and materials, making certain covers ideal for specific situations. When you need to protect flooring, you may want a cloth cover, while waterproof covers will require more durable material. Ensure that you purchase the correct materials for the demands of the environment you’ll be walking in.

Don’t Walk in Unprepared

When you know you’ll be in a situation where your shoes can be in danger of sustaining water damage, take the necessary steps beforehand. Knowing how to protect your shoes from water damage can save you from walking into undesirable situations. You don’t want to walk in unprepared, so follow the tips in this guide to keep your shoes safe and yourself happy.