The Different Types of Shoe Covers

The proper shoe coverings make all the difference when it comes to protecting your feet, the flooring, and the facility you are in. It is for this reason that it is so important to know what type of shoe covering you need for various situations. There are a number of different types of shoe covers to keep in mind the next time you need them.

Disposable Covers

As the name suggests, disposable plastic shoe covers are for short-term, one-time use. They are primarily used when you simply need to protect the flooring from your shoes, such as when you are cleaning the carpet or having an open house.

They are inexpensive, and one package contains multiple disposable shoe covers, but with the cheaper price point also comes a cheaper material. The most commonly used material is polyethylene, a thin plastic material. This material is prone to rips and tears if used for anything other than walking on carpet or tile.

Reusable Covers

Far more durable than the disposable alternative, reusable shoe covers are used when the wearer needs extra protection for their feet or shoes during more strenuous activities. These are typically used in times when the floor is wet or the wearer needs to frequently cross through snow.

Unprotected shoes can become damp, and water can soak through to the socks. This results in the feet becoming wet, which can put them in danger in the form of infection from water or freezing in cold environments. Naturally, this higher-grade material comes at a higher price point.

Specialized Covers

Specialized covers are used for a variety of reasons. One use for them is working with potentially slick materials, such as those you may encounter in a food shop. These shoe covers come with non-slip material on the soles of the cover, preventing any hazardous falls.

This also aids in maintaining sterilization in medical facilities and laboratories. Some shoe covers are made of non-stick material, preventing outside elements from getting trapped on shoes and being brought into closed environments. There are multiple different materials used in these specialized covers, so prices will vary depending on the different types of shoe covers.

Whether in the hospital or in the home, shoe covers have multiple applications for many situations. But depending on your needs and your budget, it is necessary to know which type of cover is best for your situation.